My Response To LIfe

My Response To LIfe


Hi there.

My name is Justin Schachtman, thank you for visiting my website.

I have a lot of work here, in many mediums, with many messages. I work in pencils, ink, charcoal, and paints – primarily. However, I have sculptural, as well as industrial design pieces here. I am an artist, and like many artists, the projects I work on are limited only by space, time, and resources.

I am interested in life and humanity, our pasts and presents, and those futures which might await us. This is my highest vision and my art concerns itself with this. But to reach for the apex ideas, one must inspect the rungs on the later as they make the ascent. I explore these things we do, often in a dialect of surrealism, thinking through symbol, metaphor, and the myriad other tools of expression, too which, I have no doubt, I am not yet privy.

Art, by its very nature, often defies the written description. I am expected to offer an artist’s statement here, and I suppose this is my artist’s statement. Between dawn and dusk I can see a lifetime of varied meanings in my art. It can be as much political and sociological as it is can be emotional and autobiographical. In each piece I try to pour in some of myself. Much in the same way that the sentiments I want to convey on this page, in writing, are many and complex, working on different levels and towards different ends. So too are the ideas in my visual work – be it charcoal, oil, sculpture, or whatever – an attempt to express multiple ideas on different levels towards different ends.  When I choose to express myself in images, it is because an image is not a word. And I am not confined by the same syntax and structures in an image that I am in words. This is true for any artist, and any person, in their respective fields of expression.

If I were to attempt to tell you in a paragraph what my art meant, I would be lying like the pandering plethora of politicians. Like a bad tattoo it would be there forever, no longer representing how I currently feel and what I currently think about the subject. In this case: my art work.

Please enjoy.

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