My Response To LIfe

My Response To LIfe


Ah. The spark of life.

The more we learn about the universe, the clearer the picture becomes. The universe, our gargantuan galaxy an impossibly small fraction of it, is likely completely littered with life.

There are at least 2 billion Earth-like planets in our galaxy alone.

The ingredients must be assembled, conditions must be conducive, but the emergence of life likely requires little else, save but time. The vast web of living complexity we see on Earth likely requires a place… like Earth. Life must have many varying environments and thresholds to spread into, compete over, and evolve with. Once complexity has arisen, Intelligence can, as it has on Earth, emerge in the blink of the cosmic eye.

Life itself is likely ubiquitous. Emerging from natural processes and forces which catalyze organic molecules, which are themselves, thoroughly ubiquitous in this universe of ours. Just a little push and a billion years away.

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