My Response To LIfe

My Response To LIfe


Psychologists have known for some time, and most artists and people with good pattern recognition for some time before that, that the mind is set up to see faces. We can see them in the clouds, woods, anywhere really. I don’t know if there are a few neurons in the brain that are arranged as a face, or how it works, but facial recognition is key to human interaction and like so many other vital mental traits we extrapolate it onto the world around us. Those without facial recognition capabilities, and they do exist, suffer from an inability to see and recognize faces. Images like this one, or others like it (the artworld is replete with facial images), use designs and objects in lieu of a face’s actual features. But as these substitutes line up with how are brains are programmed to recognize faces, we see a face.

2001 – ink – inches: 8 x 8

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