My Response To LIfe

My Response To LIfe

Pax Americana

Just like the Pax Romana millenniums before, the American Empire gradually grows like a volcano. Resentful of insults to its inherited preeminence, the mountainous contours of America’s empire span the globe, dominating an entire planet in military supremacy.

As the center of cosmopolitan humanity, the values and virtues of American thinking have spread around the globe, clashing violently on the other side of the planet before sloshing homeward. America has shown the ability and desire to waste enormous amounts of money in imperial wars, with terrifying frequency. She does this because she can, for the benefit of western civilization, as she sees it…

And yet despite this unequaled prowess in the history of history, America is plagued by social, political, and economic problems. America exported millions of her workers’ livelihoods to the distant tendrils of her empire, and American citizens now make up the difference on credit. While her military scours the Earth, hunting terrorists in their homes, Americans turns inward. Divisions occur by Faction. Like the great empires of yore we are slumping to an uncertain retirement. It is unclear how long American can hold its position as apex predator, but many of her most luminous rays of promise are beginning to fade to darkness. It is uncertain how we will sustain our growth after we’ve conquered the world.

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